Obligations for Spanish companies

We would like to draw attention again to a number of rules that companies in Spain must comply with, especially because we expect labour inspections to intensify.


Equality Plan and Salary Register

Currently, all companies with more than 150 employees are already required to have a Gender Equality Plan (“Plan de Igualdad“) which states that effective equality between women and men is guaranteed within the organisation, without direct or indirect discrimination.

As of 07/03/2021, all companies with between 100 and 150 employees must also have such a plan, while those with between 50 and 100 employees must have one by 07/03/2022.

The Gender Equality Plan must include a register of average salaries, segmented by function and gender.


Working day registration

Since 2019, it is mandatory for all companies to keep a record of hours worked by all employees (full-time and part-time).

This includes employees who work from home (regardless of whether this may be temporary due to the pandemic).

There are no exact procedures laid down as to how the recording should take place but at least the following should be met:

  • Daily recording of the start and end time
  • Data must be kept for 4 years.
  • The data must be available to employees, staff representatives and the labour inspectorate


Minimum number of disabled workers

Companies with 50 employees or more must ensure that at least 2% of their workforce is made up of disabled persons.