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Of course we are very proud of all our services but this product is something we have dreamed about for a long time and what we were able to realize in the end.

With a distinguished word we call it our HR Report & Analytics tool.

The dream

Our dream was originated from the requests we received from our clients for clearly readable and as good as real time reports on all aspects of their Spanish HR: costs per FTE, absenteeism due to illness, figures per department or work centre, detected trends in costs, etc.

We never had a good answer to that. In those cases, we built lists in Excel or made nice graphs, but that actually had something touching, it was even a bit sad. After all, handmade reports that showed things from the past were, to put it mildly, not entirely in sync with our ambition to be a technological forerunner in our sector.

The solution

And then there was the solution: a complete real-time HR Dashboard full of graphs and tables, everything fully clickable and filterable, and even a real ‘Build-Your-Report’ option where the customer can print out and save overviews without our intervention.

All countries connected

And not only that, but the platform can also be fully linked to the software packages of the local payroll providers in other countries. In other words: finally the HR department has real-time access to the data of all countries where apples can be compared with oranges.

We are convinced that we have something unique in our hands. Here we give you some more information.

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