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We’ve been ‘doing’ it for over 20 years, keeping payroll records for Spanish companies. We now think we have a good idea of what the market has to offer and what the customers are asking for. And time and time again we marvel at the enormous gap in content between that demand and that supply.


Did this astonishment come from the fact that our customers are international companies that are ahead of their time and therefore occasionally asked us for things that we could only answer with difficulty? Was it because we set ourselves the goal of being technological leaders in our market?  Or was it perhaps a combination of both? In any case, it was clear that it couldn’t go on like this. We had to take action.

And we did.

Year of study

Over the course of a thick year, we asked many, many questions to customers, placed assignments with software developers, and had heated discussions within our own organisation. When, at the end of that year, we started to structure the results obtained, a very complete package of services appeared.

Complete and flexible HR package

Without wanting to boast, we think that this is the most complete HR service package currently offered in Spain. And also completely flexible. A solid payroll administration with pro-active advice for those clients who don’t need more. Expandable with one or more of our other HR services for those clients who would like to have more control.

We are very proud of it.

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