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Control of the entire payroll process

The process from providing the initial input for the pay slips to the final payment of salaries is often labour-intensive and can sometimes lead to a loss of overview.

We have highly advanced software (launched on the market in 2020…) that makes it possible to keep a complete real-time overview of these processes, with continuous clarity about who has to do what and when.

Payment control

And the random check of salaries before payment is made, where there is never 100% certainty that everything has been properly calculated? Also solved.

All deviations from previous periods are clearly mapped out and everything is completely “clickable” so that it never has to be about random checks and always 100% certainty.

Automatic creation of payroll journal entries

Yet another frustration we would like to take away: making the monthly payroll journal entries for accounting. From now on, this will be done automatically. By our software.

All countries connected

And then perhaps the best thing we haven’t even mentioned yet: our platform can be fully linked to the software packages of the local payroll providers in other countries! In other words, multinationals can check the status of all countries’ payroll processes at a glance, carry out watertight international checks before payments are made and automatically create payroll entries for each country.

We dare to call this a sensational solution, see here for more details.

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